Spring? Hello Spring?

Sitting here in ERNI HQ, glancing out the window I am still looking at frost and snow and grey skies. But there are some hints that there are brighter days ahead. 

Crocuses - a Springtime flower, displaying shades of purple, yellow and white.Snowdrops and Crocus are blooming and brightening their borders and Daffodils are starting to reach their petals towards the skies as well. 

With all these promises of brightness and colour entering the garden, my thoughts have turned to the  inside and to brightening up my wool stash and fabric hoard. I call them those names on purpose. And let’s be honest with each other we all have them. Maybe different names and definitely different sizes but we all have them.

Those balls of wool that you picked up with such good intentions. Or that fabric that you fell in love with but now have no clue what to do with it or even where to start on any of it.

Well here at Elizabeth Rose NI we have all the inspiration you need on hand.

We have new Knitting and Crocheting patterns for everyone – from children’s to men’s and everyone in between and home wares too. We also have all the accessories that could ever hope for. And with new colour combinations and spring colours in yarn like our ever popular Stylecraft yarns available in our shop now http://www.elizabethroseni.com/product/stylecraft-special-dk/ there is always something for you to fill your needles  and hooks with.

We are on hand too with the fabric hoard! There are new patterns for quilts and new fabric too. I know I said I would try to help you to get rid of the stash and the hoard, but again let’s be honest,  you can never have too much.

Our fabric range of the month is by Freedom Fabrics and as you can see they have leant heavily on florals for their inspiration for these collections.

Freedom Fabric Floral Collection

The floral collection comes in three ranges – Heritage, Oriental and Arts and Crafts. The colour combinations all merge with one another meaning that this entire range can be used together for a myriad of items.

And for those who love to sew clothes, we have new dressmaking fabrics coming in all the time and do not forget that because the majority of all our fabric is 100% cotton there is no limit to what can be done to brighten up yours or your loved ones  wardrobe. A simple skirt in a retro patterned cotton would be so nice paired with a white t-shirt. Or a blouse in our light and airy swallows fabric http://www.elizabethroseni.com/product/peach-swallows/ again available by following this link.

With all this inspiration available here at Elizabeth Rose NI, you may not actually see much of the spring but, on the bright side, you will miss all the showers and cold winds.



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