Still Waiting

Still Waiting

So I am still waiting for Spring to spring. Everytime I think this is it – nope more snow.
Spring has been promised so I am putting this latest cold snap down to a wee blip on the radar.
However, the plants are still coming through and making their presence felt in the borders and giving us the desired colour needed to brighten up our days. And it is these borders that has given us our inspiration for Spring.

I love Daffodils! Bright yellow. Soft yellow. Pale yellow. Vibrant green. The fresh spring smell of them. The brightness they bring to the room. Yes, I just love Daffodils. They just remind me of brighter days, longer evenings and the hope that this weather will turn into something beautiful as well. Plus the never disappoint. They start off as a ball of hope and end up making a real statement.

Our fabric and yarns are not disappointing us either with their new Spring colours.
The brilliant people at Freedom Fabrics have given us our new Fabric of the Month Collection – Birds and butterflies. As the name suggests it takes the inspiration from nature with flowers, birds and butterflies

In three colours ranges this 100% cotton fabric will lend itself fantastically to brightening up any room and helping to bring the outside in. Available in our online store if you follow
Sirdar have also launched another section of their highly popular Snuggly range and have called it Doodle. With 8 stunning colours this new spring range is bound to take your inspiration to new heights in what you can knit the little one in your life. No surprises that this is our Yarn of the Month. 

The pattern selection that accompanies the Doodle range, ranges from cardigans to blankets and bootees and even a small cuddly toy. As has come to be expected from Sirdar the yarn is easy to knit with and will wash well. Important for all us mummy’s.

Speaking of Mummy’s, Mothering Sunday is right around the corner too, so how about getting her some Daffodils just to say thanks. Or I love you. Or just because. Order your bouquet or arrangement today before the rush sets in and brighten her day. Other flowers are available if your mummy is not as keen on daffs as me! Or even combine flowers with a ball or two of wool. 

Something to look at, something to do, something to say Mum I love you xx


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