Last Minute

This time of year everything seems to be last minute. No matter how prepared we think we are, most of us are running around on Christmas Eve and crafters are no different. We all know someone who starts a project last minute for someone they just thought of. We all know someone else who is still sewing or knitting well into the early hours of Christmas morning.  And we are no exception here at Elizabeth Rose NI.

We have both decided that we know who is getting what and how much we have left to do, but with our Christmas fabrics all down to £2.50 per metre it is actually perfect timing to maybe start something new!


Ribbon and bead trees


Easy Coasters

Scary to think that in two weeks time we will all be sitting “relaxing” on Boxing Day. Where did our year go?

I know that 2 weeks seems a relatively short time, and in the grand scheme of things it probably is, but if you are keen to make a set of cushions like we suggested in a previous post, then all you need is a couple of hours. Quick crafts at this time of year I find are the most satisfying.

A handful of beads and a few lengths of ribbon and you can have a set of Christmas decorations for the tree. Tie it into your colour scheme and you will have a set of decorations that will last until well until whenever. I have done these and the first one takes the longest but after that they are so easy and look fantastic. Mine are on a plain wooden branch painted white at the top of the stairs.

Or how about a handful of fat quarters in Christmas material and transform them into a set of coasters. A useful present, but a beautiful present, for whoever or even keep them for yourself!

So if you think of anything that needs made at the last minute, we are here.

Don’t forget we are open as normal in the week coming up to Christmas but closing early Christmas Eve. We will be closing at 2pm.




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